Choi Sori, world class Superiority

With his creative ego and musical sensitivy

created by his own method,

Making audience see sound via eyes!


Sung, Woojin - Music critic, PDJ for “Music journey in Midnight” sponsored by Gyeongin Broadcast Company


Extraordinary superiority, Choi Sori

Choi Sori, who was very energetic as a drummer at hard rock / heavy band, is memorized to be a performer with different drumming performance and stage manner from other band’s drummer. Unlike a drummer who only plays sound almost all the time supporting rhythm sitting on drum set, he was significantly different, weird and creative enough to be heard via mouth to mouth, popping out to stage, putting steps on drum and his own distinctive playing and manner.


Since then, Choi Siri followed a road of percussion instrument playing Solist amd his talents, musical aspect and his world of creation are advanced and evolved. Choi Sori’s own world of sound, playing distinctive and amazing performance have lifted him up to a world class artist who competes with world and is approved beyond the best percussion instrument player in Korea.


He researched various and new musical instrument by himself and his dramatic and charismatic stage performance has let his own audience indulged and also satisfied them. Furthemore, he had overcame a limitation on percussion musical soloist and showed creativeness and artistic aspects by various accompanied performance and series creation such as ‘Arirang Party’.


Choi Sori, who always showed off distinctive scale in creative idea and musical aspiration, became very famous due to his stage manner mobilizing five senses and direction. He is a hero who showed distinctive playig method well harmonized with his own creative instruments and even fire and water, lighting directions showed by himself that music playing only by percussion instrument could be amazing and interesting.


Since ‘Choi Sori’ lived on life of art, his appearance radiates thick Aura just like a monk with sharp eyes difficult to be approached or martial artists with high technique. Not just limiting to make audience hear music harminized with his own creativeness, thinking and sence of value, he showed sounds and make efforts to help audience understnad such sounds through several senses and now, he became a perfect artist and pioneers artistic areas directly to be sent to brain via eyes with distinctive painting technique, which was difficult to be sent only music and sound.


Choi Sori’s own artistic world and visualizing sounds


As we are told, Choi Sori never has learnt painting and art techinque officially. Howrever, we naturally think “Several arts have all same aspects” when we watch and feel his several art pieces carefully. One step further beyond basic canvases such as paper and textile, his artistic senses and expressions are very diversified enough to be equivalent to his new musical instruments.


As we want to call him as ‘Heavy Matal of painting world’ he is not just completing copper plates, aluminum plates and other metals using stereotypical tools including paints, brush or knives but these objects are attempted to be another musical instruments or umsical performance. He expressed very unique music playing tehinque by rapping, cutting madd making scratches on several metal plats using drum sticts by himself and these are already serious music playing and a mediator to show and express his own sounds.


Several genres of music, bands and musicians including an attempt for modern typed Avant Garde are detected from his art creations. From some of his art works baesd on Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple which are assessed to be text of basic rock, industrial music of Rammstein with Metallica-like mood while we see another painting is detected out.


In the meantime, his various colors and touches sometimes make imaginative power stronger and sense of crossing-over beyond targets and genres such as Michael Jackson and David Bowie is found from art works, and even diversification such as warm senses and coziness from country music is also shown sa if clear song from folk song singers and guitar playing are heard via ears.


Through Choi Sori’s own creative world which are only unfolded on stage in CD, deeply minded message & expression and his own composing technique and other several art pieces expressed by visual and painting technique, we can have unexpected things and fun by finding out expression where delicate senses, flexibility and robustness are co-existing very differently from music playing and exprssion, stubbornness and passion stuck to him as a maestro of percussion instrument player who has risen up to his own level.


Maybe, there might be artists in different genres and junior musicians who see Choi Sori several art works want to use them as titles and album jackets to be published, I think that those who received his artistic messages & senses and sensed them rightly seem to receive such feeling first.


I become curious in advance as to what are going to be his next actions and areas from Choi Sori who pioneered artistic area well matched with a general artist and showed off his talents fully. Although I somewhat feel enviousness and jealousy mixed with irritation due to Choi Sori’s talent and senses who do everything well, it is clear that he is now an authentic superiority in our art circle. Only thing that we have to do is that we embrace his new artistic areas freely without losing sounds shown by him in which he distinctively plays music through new area called art.