“Hear sound”


See sound

Sound can be seen by hearing it

By seeing sound, it could be seen

Originally, attempts to hear sound is right

Offspring from same mother

There is nothing new

Needs only something new for interpretation 


Philosophy, ideology and Tao - I am not familiar to these.


I do as mind told to and

always think it’s insufficient



I beat and unfold it

This is only my spirit toward art work.

Plays a music with sound of raindrop.

Hu dododook, DoDoDoDoong, HuDoDo DoDoDoong

Konck, Konck. DoongDoongDoong

Today I played a music with duet of sounds from raindrop.

Today, a frank song has been created since long time ago.

Hope to become under a good mood

When I happen to wake up during sleeping...’

I suddenly become gloomy.

For what...


It’s possible to express almost everything only by sounds...

I, again, just like sound...

Walk swaggeringly on every single step following same road which I already came on.

If it’s a road for me to follow...

I will do walk on such road two or three times

And even hundreds times

As long as it is a road that I have to go through.

Really happy.

It’s weird.

Wasn’t I who has nothing to do well but

beating for more than 30 years without knowledge

Today is very happu day to me.

What wailed for decades

Today, I am really happy even enough to tear

I, who never showed myself proudly at all for such long time

Today, I face myself happily who has nothing to do well just beating.

I didn’t hear numerous and sound and ignored them im order only to hear my sound.

Sounds of parents, teachers and friends...

Books, newspaper and televison... I ignored all sounds as possible as I can.

Instead, on more frankly expression, I was toward the very opposite direction of such sounds.


I am a green frog.

It seems that my sound in the very opposite direction if such sound,

there could be sounds that I am looking for.

Sound that everyone knows, sounds that everyone has heard,

I couldn’t hear such sounds as my sound.


I Should do it like this, go that way, talk it like this and act like that....

Only if these are done, he becomes a person well-harmonized with this world.


Even if I rolls below and flutter, I wanted to feel, hear and see by myself.

I have thoroughly lived harshly for several dozen’s years from a base with life style that I chose.


My art work is done through numerous repeated works

including beating on breast, tearing down, grinding,

unfolding again amd painting just like my life.

As my life did, my art works recover their shapes

Under numerous repeated variations.                

Hands grapping stick firmly for several hours hasn’t moved even an inch

As if they swing a sword against a stranger.

What makes me dreadful. What can you tell.

Just the hands grapping stick and copper plate discharge their assertions

a more 10 cm of distance between them with coarse silence.

Now I can’t support any side if them.

Existence if me between them is a mere object that is

desperately floundering trying to survive by myself among coarse silence.

Today, I also perfectly knelt in front of them.

Like this, I just spent a day even without a single work and

a single beating but just reading someone’s mind.